Shan’s Travel Tips

As you travle you learn a few handy tricks to make your travelling a little bit easier. Here i will create a working list of some things i have learned on my journey that I had not thought of untill i hit the road.

#1) Two in one shampoo and conditioner. I cant beleive I didn’t think about this one when I initially making my packing list. It came to me suddenly one day in Arizona. While it may not be as nice as getting them seperate, it means you only need one bottle, it’s lighter to cary, and any little bit more space in your pack is always helpfull

#2) Take A photo of the trail head map. This idea is an from my travel buddy Tyron. Whenever we didnt have a paper map of an unfamiliar hiking trail, we took a photo of the map at the trail head. this way when you come to an unexpected fork in the road, you can refer to the image on your display window to figure out which way to go. This of course only works if you have a digital camera.

One response to “Shan’s Travel Tips

  1. I have told quite a few people about this tip. I think it is brilliant (well what else would you expect from Tyron???)

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