At age 21 I went overseas for the first time. Now I can’t be stopped.

Hello, I’m Shannon!

I am 26 year old Canadian from Toronto currently living in Daegu, South Korea. I started blogging in 2011, the year I travelled overseas for the first time. I have continued to post bits and pieces of my adventures both local and abroad when I have quiet mornings or long train rides to write about my experiences – usually with big mug of tea by my side. I hope to spend the next 5 (ish) years travelling and teaching abroad so I can explore as much of the world as I can! Stay tuned for more stories soon 😀

A little bit about me:

I consider myself a ‘jack of all trades’ meaning that I am a master of nothing, but love doing everything. I  juggle numerous hobbies including biking, painting, knitting, writing, hiking, beading, dancing, reading, hula-hooping, playing ultimate Frisbee and so much more more! I am a wannabe foodie/chef and love eating delicious food and cooking new recipes. Whether I am at home or abroad, I am always on the look out for something new and exciting to do -idleness is my enemy.




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