Mother’s Day Magnolias

A sunny Mother’s Day afternoon at the The Royal Botanical Garden’s Arboretum.


Mom, magnolias and Me!

On Mother’s Day I hopped on the Go Train to visit my dearest mother in Burlington, Ontario – my hometown. Spring had FINALLY arrived, and the sun was shining (a rare occurrence in Ontario this Spring). To take advantage of the beautiful weather, we decided to visit The Royal Botanical Garden’s (RBG) Arboretum.



The RBG has four distinct formal gardens contained within 1100 hectares of a nature reserve, nestled into the slopes of the Niagara Escarpment. The Gardens change with the seasons, so no two visits are quite the same. Each garden showcases different plants, trees, and flowers, so the blooms appear at different times throughout the spring and summer. Each May, The Arboretum hogs my attention with gorgeous cherry blossoms, magnolias and lilacs.

If you want to see the spring blossoms, you need to be paying attention! The peak bloom period only last for a few days, so as soon as there is a hint of blooms,  cancel all your plans and make a bee-line for the gardens. While magnolias are exceptionally magnificent, I have always had a soft spot for cherry blossoms with their delicate branches and popcorn like puffs of pink petals. My love of cherry blossoms flourished during my time in Japan during the Sakura Festival.


Panorama of the blooms.

Panorama of the blooms.



In his retired years, my father is one of the volunteers who runs the RBG’s free and educational “Back to Nature Walks” on Sunday’s. These walks are great for all ages, and participants will learn about the history of the conservation areas.

The Arboretum has much more to offer than just pretty blossoms. There is a great walking trail and oodles of wildlife, wild flowers  and native plants to discover. My parents own a season pass to the RBG, so I have grown up walking their trails and have become quite fond of the area.Here are some photographs that I took on this exceptionally beautiful day.



A tiny toad I found hopping along the walking path – a risky move for such a little guy! I decided to help him along, and carry him to the other side.


Can you see the eagle nest? It’s the dark spot on the tree in the middle of the photograph. There are a couple of Bald Eagles that live in the arboretum, and have laid eggs the past two years. This year they built a new nest around the corner from here that is hidden away, but you can still see last year’s nest from the trail.












Check out this neon green bug! It is quite pretty, but apparently not so good for the Ash Trees.


See the garter snake?











Boardwalks allow you to walk through the marshy areas.


Those two little black dots in the sky are bald eagles!








The trail was lined with trees full of birds singing sweet melody’s during our walk – no need for an iPod here:

At the marsh, there was a orchestra of frogs croaking:

I hope that everyone had a lovely Mother’s day! I know I did.



Love you Mom!


2 responses to “Mother’s Day Magnolias

  1. What a wonderfully special place to share together and to celebrate your Mother surrounded by such natural beauty. Glad you posted this as a reminder to the world that its the authentic things that matter!

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