The Fundy Trail, New Brunswick

I arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. The petite airport was exceptionally effortless to navigate, and within 15 minutes of exiting the aircraft I had my baggage AND rental car – this kind of timing is unheard of in Toronto!

After a quick and painless flight, I still had lots of energy left, so I plugged The Fundy Trail into my GPS and hit the road.

The Fundy Trail park is a 16km stretch along the Bay of Fundy coastline. It starts just outside of St. Martins , which is a one hour drive from Saint John,  and can be explored by car, bike or foot. Although the road entry point was officially closed for the season, there was a somewhat hidden trailhead, marked only by an “Enter at your own risk” sign, which allowed pedestrians access to the park. The warning proved to be unnecessary on on such a sunny day, as the paths were still clear,  safe and accessible.


Walking the Fundy Trail was a great kick off to my week in Eastern Canada. Not only were the views phenomenal, but I was able to watch the highest tidal change in the world occur. Each day, 100 billion tonnes of seawater flow in and out of The Bay of Fundy – WOW! – Visiting here should be on everyones bucket list.

Here are the Sea Caves in St. Martins, before and after the tidal change:


I spent a good two hours walking along the pathways, and I only came across one other family the whole time I was there. I found the afternoon to be a peaceful and reflective exploration, and I took many photographs. Here are a few to give you a quick snapshot of The Fundy Trail.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

I would strongly recommend a trip to The Fundy Trail to anyone visiting New Brunswick. Just don’t forget to check what dates the park is open as it is seasonal! For more information about The Fundy Trial, visit the website HERE.

Have you been to the Fundy Trail?

Coming Soon to Shan On Route:  A post about my lobster dinner in Moncton, New Brunswick.

2 responses to “The Fundy Trail, New Brunswick

    • Thanks Wendy, it truly is spectacular. I visited the Bay of Fundy once before, about 10 years ago, and it is still just as impressive!

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