The Exhibition Place You Never Knew.


When you think of Exhibition Place what comes to mind? Maybe you hear about the roaring engines of the race cars of the Honda Indy? Do you reminisce about the crafty artisans at The One Of A Kind Show? Do you relive the winning goal at a TFC game?  With the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) right around the corner, there is a good chance that roller coasters, concerts,   Super Dogs, donut burgers and deep fried butter come to mind.

Yes, Exhibition Place can be a very busy and exciting place to be! However if you visits outside of event days, you will find a quiet and peaceful place where you can meander through blooming gardens and smell the roses.

I live just across the train tracks from Exhibition, so I often go on walks there in the evening. It is amazing how empty and green it can be!  I am SO thankful that a Casino will NOT be taking over this place that I have become quite fond of.

I wanted to share some of my photos of a place that is often too busy when most people visit for them to appreciate what a neat place it is.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge

What do you think?

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