The Changing Landscapes of a 4.5 hour drive.

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Between Los Angeles and San Francisco Emily and I drove our camper van 914 miles or 1470 kilometres over 4 days. While the drives were sometimes quite long in length, they always seemed to zoom by because of the magnificent landscapes that we encountered along the way. It was incredible how diverse and interesting the scenery was. The landscape seemed to change by the hour, and as Emily described, “It was like transporting from one world to the next – a great place to shoot a Sci-Fi film”

The Following photographs depict just one of our 4 hour drives from Lone Pine campground in the dessert, to Potwisha campground in Sequoia National Park (Point B to C on the map). We had to drive around and through the mountains, and it was by far the most interesting drive we did during our trip.


We began our drive in the barren Mojave desert at Lone Pine campground.


Shortly into our drive, we discovered a grove of Joshua trees.


As we began our ascent into the mountains, the Joshua trees turned into pine trees.


At the top of the mountains, we discovered a paradise of rolling green hills, filled with sheep, cows, and chirping birds.


When we came down the other side of the mountain, there were rolling hills of dry golden grass. We decided to call this the “prairie landscape”.


The “parries” soon ended, and were replaced by groves of orange and lemon trees.


Seeing all that fruit made us hungry so we stopped at a roadside strawberry field and bought come of the tastiest strawberries I’ve ever had – Thanks Sam for the great tip!


We had to drive back into the mountains, for beautiful vast views of the lush valley bellow.


… back into the forest.


And finally, we arrived in the Giant Sequoia Forest… just 4.5 hours later.


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