My Return To South Africa


Overlooking Johannesburg, a very green city.

Back in May of 2010, I spent three weeks in South Africa visiting with my partner Tyron’s family and exploring the beautiful landscape of this amazing country. We went to Johannesburg, Kruger National Park, Lichtenburg and Capetown. I also got to hang out with one of my most loyal blog followers; Wendy (who currently holds the record for the most comments!).

It was a very exciting adventure, especially because it was my first time overseas. This particular trip was before I created Shan On Route, so I never blogged about it. I did however create a guest video post for my good friend Brock’s RTW travel blog ‘Backpack With Brock’. You can watch the video about how I learned to make a potjies HERE.

Once again I am bound for South Africa on December 29th, only 5 days away! We will be visiting for two weeks during the Christmas Holidays. I CAN’T WAIT! Not only do I get to meet Tyron’s new nephew, but we will also travel to Lesotho, a landlocked country which is completely surrounded by the South African borders (cool, right?).  The best part is that this time I will blog all about it! On the way back, we will also be stopping in London for two nights to break up the long flights.

So stay tuned for more posting soon!

4 responses to “My Return To South Africa

  1. Cant wait to see you and Tyron again, South Africa is beautifully green and hot at the moment, bring your bathing suits! and sun hats and see you on Sunday! Wishing you safe travels

  2. Happy trails to you and all the best for 2013! Look forward to your posts:)



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