One Of A Kind Show

I first heard about the One Of A Kind Show from a co-worker a few months back. While it may be new to me, the  show has been in action now for 38 years since its inception in 1975. It has since grown to become the largest consumer craft show in North America with over 200,000 visitors each year. The One Of a Kind Show exhibits handmade products by Canadian and American artisans for sale. Vendors have a wide variety of unique products available including: jewelry, art, wood work, toys, fabric, food, furniture, clothing, ceramics, leather, hats and more!  It is not cheap to get in at $14 per person, but if you can spare the cash, it is a great place to spend the afternoon.

Wooden vases that looks like they belong in a Dr. Seuse book!

My Mom, Aunt, and Cousin, all took the train in from Burlington to explore he show with me. We arrived around 1:00 pm and it was quite busy, so I would recommend going earlier if possible. The event was held in the Direct Energy Center building at Exhibition Place. The exhibition hall was HUGE.  There were 26 rows labelled A-Z, of artisans displaying their work. We were there for a full three hours and didn’t even see half of what was there. (To be fair we were moving slower than most, oohing and awing at all the interesting pieces).

This year the show ran from November 22-December 2, an ideal time for  some early Christmas shopping. My Mom and Aunt got lots of goodies for the family, but I can’t tell you what until after the 25th! Even if you don’t end up buy anything, it is still a treat to walk around and see the beautifully hand crafted pieces. Personally, my favourite part was walking up and down the food rows because most vendors were handing out free samples. I think I tried more than 10 different types of chocolate, and they were all delicious. I couldn’t resist bring a bag of chocolates home with me, and they are being gobbled up fast! If you visit the show on a diet, don’t even think about walking anywhere near the food row!

The show was quite long at 11 days, and when we left, they give us a pass to can return another day  for free. That way if you didn’t get to see everything or if you need time to think about weather or not to purchase an item, you have that opportunity(or maybe you just want more chocolate samples). The show is done for now, but the good news is there is one every spring too! Best to mark it on your calendar and keep it mind for March! My favourite thing I got from the show, were two small wooden reindeer decorations that my Aunt gave me fore my Christmas tree. They look so cute on the branches and will always remind me of the great time we had together last weekend.


Mixed media sculpture

Mad Hatter inspired hats?

Mad Hatter inspired hats


My new ornamen

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