Saturday Morning at the Evergreen Brick Works

Tyron was eager to try out his brand new camera on the weekend, so we decided to visit the Evergreen Brick Works.  Evergreen Brick Works is a former quarry and industrial site in Toronto where they used to make bricks, some of which were used to build Casa Loma, Massey hall and many of the of the beautiful old brick houses in Toronto. I have been once before for the Toronto Underground Market in the evening, but this was my first Saturday morning visit. What a great place to start the day!

At the entrance we were pleasantly surprised to find a walking trail that ran through the Don Valley. Usually when I am in the mood to escape the city I pay a visit to High Park, but the Don Valley proved to be a great alternate dose of mother nature.  The ground was covered in crispy autumn leaves, a small stream ran along the path and there were lots of people out for their morning exercises. Even though it is close to the DVP, I couldn’t hear the hum of cars zooming along. It was so peaceful, I almost felt like I was on a hike on the Niagara Escapement.  Unfortunately, because it was an unexpected walk, I didn’t have my proper hiking shoes and we ended up having to turn back earlier than I would have liked, due to blisters.

After our hike, we wandered around the beautiful old  brick industrial buildings.  There was a farmers market in full swing selling fresh produce,  apple cider, home made chocolates and more.  Many vendors were making delicious smelling food including some crepes that looked too yummy to resist.  The man making the crepes was Tim Clement of Clement’s Crepes. I had the mushroom spinach crepe, which was oozing with cheese. Needless to say it was yummy! It was so big I could only finish half and saved the rest for a late afternoon snack.

Making crepes

The farmers market happens on most Saturdays from 9am-1pm, but there are many other activities and events that happen there. So if you haven’t made it out there yet, it should be on your list of things to do! Check out more events and activities on their website HERE.

4 responses to “Saturday Morning at the Evergreen Brick Works

  1. If only more people were as enthusiastic as you about life, thanks for sharing your various experiences with us, I can almost taste that yummy crepe and I loved the autumn leaves.

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