It’s the first day of Summer! What’s on your to do list?

Today is the first day of Summer, my favourite season. The days are long, it feels great to get outdoors, and the weekends hold so much potential.  The only bad thing about summer is that it always feels too short. Back when I was in school and  September rolled around, I would evaluate my summer and ask myself “Did I have fun? Did I make the most of my summer?”.  I NEVER wanted the answer to this question to be no, so I began making Summer to do lists in April  and have continued to do so annually for over 8 years now.

Some of my items are extravagant, and some are quite simple. I try not to limit my list too much, but I also try to keep my goals achievable, so I don’t have lots of  undone items in fall. I used to type up a list on a piece of fancy sunflower paper, and tape it to my wall. That way if I was ever feeling bored or didn’t know what to do on the weekends I would refer to my list.  Now I keep my list saved on my blackberry as a memo to keep me planning activities.   Because before you know it, the leaves are turning orange, and its time to bundle up for autumn.

What is on your summer to do list? Let me know below, and maybe I will add it to mine!

Shannon’s Summer 2012 to do List

  • Camping
  • Swim at a beach
  • Take a drawing class
  • Weekend in  New York
  • Attend a free concert at the Toronto Music Garden
  • See the Picasso Exhibit at the AGO
  • Bike to the Island and have a picnic
  • See a movie at the Polson Pier drive in
  • Tubing down the river at Elora George
  • Eat delicious food at Taste of the Danforth
  • Complete 3 paintings
  • Play Frisbee Golf
  • See a movie at TIFF in the park
  • Drive on the magnetic hill in Burlington
  • Catch a fish and eat it (hopefully someone will help me clean it!)
  • Go on a bike wine tour
  • Learn to Knit
  • Attend Toronto Jazz Festival
  • Blog 2x a month minimum

5 responses to “It’s the first day of Summer! What’s on your to do list?

    • Thanks! I have bought my tickets to NYC for the labor day weekend! Will be the perfect way to end the summer 🙂

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