My Search For a New Yoga Studio

IMG_0388I love my Yoga. I am by no means a expert, my  heels don’t touch the ground in downward dog, and it takes me a few sun salutations before I am warm enough to reach my toes. But ever since my first class at the campus gym in University I have been hooked. I have been to 5 different studios with instruction by a number of different teachers, including my most recent (and very enjoyable) membership at Mystic Pointe in Etobicoke.

Since my move to Liberty village I have been on the hunt for a new studio closer to my home. I wanted to try out a few classes at different locations to decide which studio I liked best. The great thing is that most studios offer a special  introductory rate to  first time members who want to give a few classes a try before they commit to a pass.

My first trail was Gyan Yoga , the closest studio to where I live.  I bought the intro 7 day unlimited pass for $22 and attended the ‘traditional hot gyan’ class. My experience was less than satisfactory.  The teacher spoke to quick for me to follow along and a girl behind  me was complaining the entire class which was rather distracting. The room we were in was also depressing, it was cramped with its narrow while walls which  and was extremely humid ( I prefer a dry heat). I was very disappointed with the class and I didn’t leave with the usual feeling of relaxation.  Even thought I had six free days left on my pass I had no motivation to return.

The following week I decided to try Moksha Yoga for their Moksha Music class. It was a completely different experience.The practice room was spacious and even thought it was packed with people it was a calming place with beige walls and soft lighting. Our teacher was amazing with her hypnotizing voice guiding us through a series of poses that felt like it was designed just for me. The best part was there was a live guitarist playing songs for the duration of the class. He even sung during the final Savasana, which was a great touch. When I left my entire body felt rejuvenated and my brain was clear and relaxed.

I discovered that Moksha was the perfect studio for me, however it is a very personal thing and may not be for everyone depending on what you want to get out of it. Personally I had a fabulous experience there and I am really looking forward to my next class.

2 responses to “My Search For a New Yoga Studio

  1. I’ve been to several Moksha Yoga studios, I’ve had a great experience at all of them! I go to the one in Burlington every week 🙂

    • They are great! And the price is comparable with all the other studios I investigated, so a good find!

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