Malaysian Mix

What I found most interesting about Malaysia was the diverse mix of different cultures that exist due to it’s important location on the ancient trade routes between India and China.Melaka in particular became a very important port to stop over in thus the country was heavily fought over by the Dutch, British and Portugese for colonization, giving the country a very vivid history. I saw evidence of this history in the food, architecture and the diverse populations that live here.

I was spoiled for choice of meals and tried Indian, Thai, Chineese and more. Local Malay food is really a fusion of other countries cuisine. In Melaka we walked through The Dutch Square, and saw a number of European style buildings including the town hall. I even discovered British lions guarding the doors of the Seh Tek Tong Cheah Kongsi temple to symbolize loyalty to the colonial power, and a temple that was half Chineese half European architecture.

I had no expectations for Malaysia so I was not quite sure what I would find when I arrived. I had originally thought of malaysia as just a way to break up the journey from Singpore to Thailand, but now that we are moving on, I realise that I will actually miss this unique country.

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