New Zealand North Island

I have been wanting to post this video for a while now, but have not had a strong enough internet connection to upload it to You Tube. Very much so overdue, here are my adventures on the North Island of New Zealand.

8 responses to “New Zealand North Island

  1. Shan that looks great 🙂 It would be wonderful to sit in a relaxing bath and be serenaded with a piano. Your camper car is pretty boss too! Miss you ❤ xoxoxo

  2. very professional video!! well done, I just loved the packing and unpacking bit, hilarious and set the scene very well. You have an amazing knack of picking out very entertaining highlights. well done and keep them coming I absolutely enjoy them.

  3. Loved this video and the way you put it together!

    and the camper car is cool too. Did you bring camping supplies with you from home, or get them there and then leave them in NZ, or what? Random question but I’m curious.

    Miss you, glad you’re having an amazing time!!!

    • Good question! We rented everything from the car company. All that we brought ourselves was our clothes and toiletries. We also had to buy a few odds and ends along the way.

  4. So fun! When I go back to New Zealand this is definitely the route I’m taking – it looks a lot better than sitting on your bag at the side of a road waiting for a bus 🙂

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