Into Asia With Art

After an exhausting transit nightmare,  our flight being cancelled and moved to the following day, and dealing with a group of very unorganized Jet Star staff, I was relevied to finally arrive in Singapore, and step foot in Asia for the first time.

We took a shuttle into town and checked in to the most bizzare hostel I have ever stayed in. “Queens Hostel” was actually Queens School of Management, which converted one of their windowless classrooms into a bedroom. We watched them as they took out the desks, and the proceeded to construct a very shaky looking bunk bed. It was strange but clean enough and once we were settled we were able to hit the town.

I had read online that the Ritz Carleton Hotel had some nice art on display in their hotel, so we decided to go and check it out. It was the fanciest hotel I had ever seen, and was slightly intimidated walking in in my travelling clothes without a room booked. We tried to sneak around quietly until a staff member approached us and asked us if we needed help. I thought for sure we were going to get kicked out but as I quickly explained why we were there, we were instead offered a complimentary audio guide of the art pieces.  I learned that the hotel is in possession of 5 million dollars worth of art.  I really enjoyed the displays and even found two Andy Warhol pieces hidden in a dark corner in the basement. However what I found most impressive was the glass ceiling of mother of pearl which  was stunning.

The art tour was a great way to start off our day and nice to get out of the sun for a half our and cool off in the air conditioning and soon we were off to Chinatown in search of some lunch.

4 responses to “Into Asia With Art

  1. Sounds like quite an interesting hostel! haha. I am so behind on your blog posts, ohh no… (you have to read that in Phoebe’s voice. :P)

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