My thoughts on New Zealand

If i could say one thing about travel in New Zealand is that it is EASY peasy Lemon squeezy! Particularily if you have a car at your disposal. It is a country that has been set up for tourism exceptionally well. Every city you visit has a tourist information centre called an i-Site, where you can get maps, brochures on local attractions and speak with representatives to assist with your planning.  The local i-Site was always our first stop in a new city to get us started.

I visited New Zealand in the summer, and was surprised to learn how chilly it could be.  I was very glad to have my warm clothes with me. I only ended up going swimming twice due to the chilly weather, but there were other travellers more brave than I who went swimming regularly. We did have a few sunny days, but the best part was we were lucky with only two rainy days.

While I was planning my trip, many people were surprised to hear that I would be spending a whole moth there, and wondered if there would be enough to see. The answer to that question is YES! In fact I met a number of travellers who were on their third or fourth month of travel and had no intention of leaving anytime soon. It truly depends on your budget and what you want to see.There are  a lot of free activities in New Zealand such as hiking or visiting the local art galleries, so it is a place where you can really stretch out your  budget. For me personally, one month was th perfect amount of time. I had a chance to see everything that I wanted to, and I felt ready to move on at the end of the month.

I highly recommend visiting New Zealand, particularly for newbie travellers like myself as it is an easy place to start. I had a marvellous time and will always look back fondly on my month of car camping.

My New Zealand Highlights

– Realxing at the Hot Beach at Coromandel

– Eating fresh fish and  taking in the ocean view on the patio at Fleurs Place in Moeraki

– Exploring the mountains of the South Island, particularily Arthurs Pass and Milford Sound

– Seeing the glow worms in Waitomo

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