That’s not a knife. That’s a Knife!

One of the best parts about meeting other travelers is learning about cool opportunities that lay ahead in your future destinations. Steve from the UK, showed us an article in the local paper about Barrytown Knife Making where you have the opportunity to spend one full day making your own knife. With such a unique opportunity at hand, I was eager to sign up andsplurge a bit for the first time since I have been away.

Barrytown Knife Making (located in Barrytwon New Zealand) is run by Steven and Robyn Martin, a local kiwi couple, whobecome your “mommy and daddy for the day” to teach you the art of knife making in their own homeRobyn kept our tummies full with jellybean snacks and a delicious lunch, whileSteven kept us laughing the entire day with his witty comments and jokes.

There were about 12 of us in the class that day, and we were all given a steel rod, a piece of brass, some pins, and plank ofwood to make our masterpieces. Under Steven’s instructions, we forged the blade by putting the steel rod into a fire and hammering it flat, cut wood for a handle, polished the blade,and varnished the handle. Last but not least Steven made sure our blade was extra sharp and ready for useIt was amazing to see that everyone’s knife was little bit different and had a unique personal touch.

It was a GREAT day. I had so much fun making my knife and chatting with the other travelers who were exploring New Zealand.  We even got to try out their giant swing, which was attached to two telephone poles. At the end of the day, we celebrated with some homemade ‘Barrypagne’, which Steven explained is made by carbonating the cheapest white wine they can find at the store, and toasted to our new souvenirs.

4 responses to “That’s not a knife. That’s a Knife!

  1. Knife making doesn’t seem that exciting from the first mention but it sounds like you had an awesome day! I love following your blog 🙂 happy travels!

  2. Interesting that no two knives look the same, proves that handmade is special and to be treasured, could this be a new hobby for you?

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