Bulls, “A Town Like No Udder”

I never thought I would end up in Bulls, New Zealand, but as we departed Tongoriro on route to Wellington we decided

to break up the drive into two parts, and Bulls seemed like a logical midpoint. While I was navigating there, I had to laugh that on our map under Bulls it read “quirky road sign posts” Realy? I was shocked that something like that would appear on a roadmap.

The first sign I saw as we arrived in town read “Heard of Bulls? A Town Like No Udder”. I figured that was the quirky

sign referred to on the map. However, after settling in at our campsite, we decided to go for a stroll in to town. Throughout the entire town there are murals and statues of cows, and signs and some names that play on the name of the town.

The Windmill Deli is ‘Eat-A-Bull,’ the public library is ‘Read-A-Bull,’ the toilets are “Relieve-A-Bull,” The Mac Donald’s is ‘Consume-A-Bull.” Even the Town Hall is called the ‘Soci-A-Bull.’  Carol Lewis, the local real estate agent was being advertised as “Great Agent-No Bull.”  I spent the rest of my walk trying to find as many “A-Bulls” as I could, and there were many!


Eventually, my brain got tiered, and I got some ‘Lick-A-Bull’ after dinner mint flavored ice cream to snack on for my walk back. I took a last glance at Bulls, threw my ice cream cone wrapper in the milk shaped “Response-A-Bull” garbage bin, and went back to camp.



7 responses to “Bulls, “A Town Like No Udder”

  1. Now there is an idea for a children story using the play on the word bull. Thanks for the smile you brought to the start of my day! I eagerly anticipate more postings.

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