Three Week Countdown

With less than three weeks left until the adventure begins, I have travel plans on the brain all day long! Applying for all my required travel Visas,  getting all the vaccinations I need , making sure  that I have all the clothes and accessories I need take with me (as long as it fits in my backpack) and on top of that getting everything ready for the Holidays!

My biggest worry during  the planning phase has been the ominous budget. I know approximately  how much my trip is going to cost, but the big  question has been can  I save enough money? Lately as my friends can tell you I have pretty much dropped off the social radar, in hopes to save every little penny I can. I picked up a part time job at Starbucks for the Christmas season, and I have  become a kijiji selling machine. Anything that I am not using anymore I have put on the market including:  my old snowboard, a pair of boots I have never worn, jewellery,  a barbecue rotisserie spit, my old computer, a printer (which is still for sale- hint hint) and more!   While have not received a fortune for any one of these things, but together they will help to off set a few of my expenses.  The good news, is that I am almost at my goal! (fingers crossed)

Overall I am feeling pretty darn confident with all of my planning and preparations and there are only a few things left to do before I leave. I have had A LOT of help from my good friend Brock, who runs an Adventure Coaching company to teach people how to travel the world and help new backpackers like me figure out how to get started.

Brock spent an entire year abroad visiting 36 countries on all 5 continents, so he is a bit of an expert when it comes to travelling.  He helped me to get everything in order for my trip. I also have been watching lots of his videos on his travel blog, Backpack With Brock, to get some good ideas for what to and where to go.

The best part about being so prepared, is that now I get to relax and spend the holidays with my family and friends.  This week we put up the family Christmas tree and  I am especially looking forward to eating LOTS of turkey and relaxing by the fire.

3 responses to “Three Week Countdown

  1. Dear Shannon,

    Your twitter doesnt exist and/or doesn’t work!!

    Please please please fix so we can get micro updates and share your random little tidbits of information…

    Looking forward to following your travels.

    PS- don’t forget to pack sunscreen for your travels down under.
    PPS- you have certainly not fallen off my social radar. I miss you already.

    • Thanks Em, I believe I am now twitter equipped! I will be sure to bring lots of sunscreen so I don’t get too toasted! Can’t wait to feature you in my blog when you join me in Japan!

  2. Hey Shan,

    Make sure you take lots of cultural photographs for me! I have a love of old culture and histories, and I am trying to capture them in my sculptures.

    I am loving the pictures you are taking, and it looks like you are having a LOT of fun. Miss you 🙂

    Jessi K

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